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Lady Gaga in Trashed Denim Cut Offs

Lady Gaga in Trashed Denim Cut Offs

lady gaga trashed denim cut offs

Lady Gaga was spotted out, wearing a pair of denim daisy dukes and a cropped grey tank top.

Her denim cut offs are totally trashed, shredded, and ripped, and to make them even shorter short, she opted to fold the waistband.

Lady Gaga added a pair of black, hi top Converse sneakers over a pair of grey socks.

Nothing too special or eye-catching about her outfit. I wonder what is happening with her stylist…I am thinking that up to a couple of months ago, Lady G always used to wear totally outrageous and flashy outfits, and we hardly ever saw her in some denim. But I kind of prefer this new, more “real” look, easy to identify with!

You can buy similar trashed denim shorts at Nordstrom and at Revolve.

lady gaga trashed denim cut offs


  1. Her hair is more casual now just like her outfits. Never really think of her and socks in the same sentence.

    It is rather freeing to go out without having to put forth so much effort into getting ready. She may be focusing more on making herself happy these days with less drama. And if that is the case kudos to her.

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