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Leeยฎ Jeans announced the launch of its new brand direction, unveiling its innovative fall collection and movement-inspired brand campaign, “Move Your Lee.” Drawing on more than 125 years of purposeful craftsmanship and innovation, the national re-branding campaign brings to life founder H.D. Lee’s mission to help can-do people do more by inspiring life in motion for people today.

“We’re putting a stake in the ground to reclaim Lee’s status as an iconic brand, with a renewed emphasis on design and innovation through our ‘Move Your Lee’ re-branding,'” said Kim Yates, Vice President of Marketing at Lee Jeans. “Many Americans remember Lee from the 90’s, but that’s not who we are anymore. We have to live up to Lee’s rich heritage and ensure that our brand is as relevant as our products are.”

Lee’s campaign is a 360 approach, including a national TV campaign, refreshed website, re-invigorated in-store experience, and digital and public relations support. This holistic approach to the brand refresh aspires to re-engage people across all channels, with the full advertising campaign launched on Sept. 6th, and featuring a new brand tone and animated Fit Guides.

The “Move Your Lee” advertising campaign takes a light-hearted approach to the concept of movement in its ads, which feature a “Lee Man” and “Lee Woman” in over-the-top scenarios that highlight all you can do in Lee jeans.

“We know people are living a life in motion and need clothing that moves with them โ€“ stylishly, comfortably and easily,” said Yates. “Our fall fashions will bring to life Lee’s commitment to movement, with superior fits designed for an active lifestyle and purposeful designs to elevate personal style. Shopping for jeans can be difficult โ€“ second only to swimsuit shopping โ€“ so we’ve designed styles to fit all shapes and sizes and enable physical expression.”

Key women’s styles include the Dream Jean and Essential Chino. Designed to look like a skinny jean outside and feel like a yoga pant inside, the patent-pending Dream Jean wraps you in softness with a t-shirt-like lining and a stretchy, skinny fit that will ensure you never want to take them off. Extending movement beyond the denim category, Lee’s Essential Chino is designed keep up with today’s multi-tasking lifestyle, offering a versatile style with eleven color selections.

Lee was one of the first brands to embrace stretch and has now brought stretch fits to men. Top men’s fashions include the Slim Fit, which fits close but has stretch to give men the room and freedom they need to handle anything life throws their way. Additional styles include the Athletic Fit, which features stretch throughout and offers a fit designed for men with more muscle in their hips and thighs. This new style lets athletic men wear a slimmer, more modern look, and gives extra room where they need it.

Consumers can find Lee’s newest fall styles at, and at Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Amazon, and other key national retailers.

To join the #MoveYourLee movement, consumers can support via social channels and tag @LeeJeans.


  1. The promo is embarrassing to the point where I wouldn’t want to wear the logo, but I like seeing the jeans from all angles in action. The style is not me. I want to see a dark indigo undistressed wash, no contrast stitching or bright hardware, gray or black and a 9-10″ rise. I can cut hems, cut knees, etc myself.

    I have 3 questions of every stretch skinny…
    1) do the jeans stretch equally in every direction? This is necessary to reduce folds and sliding down, as well as for comfort.
    2) after two days of continuous wear how do the jeans look?
    3) After two days of wear and cold water washing and line drying, how do the jeans look?

    Right now, my fave is JBrand hi-def stretch fabric (none of their other stretch) but I wouldn’t live in JBrand because of the very high cost. The second I get home, I’m back in leggings. I hope to read a review of lower priced skinny jeans soon that answers my 3 questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I thought the ads were hilarious! But, maybe that’s just me.

    As a heads-up, the denim above is being reviewed as we speak and should be ready to post in a few weeks. I don’t have a pair as they are part if a new launch less than a week old.

    It would be nice to have the same reliability and style with less expense and this may be your answer.

    Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll have the details for you soon.

  3. I see the Lee buyer as someone who is more into rodeos and NASCAR than skiing.

    Guess we will see the results of their new campaign in due time. I would probably have gotten some celebs to represent the brand.

    Perhaps someone that is legendary and older, plus a younger star that has those that want to wear whatever that person has on.

  4. If they send out the new jeans to bloggers and websites such as this and the honest feedback is good then maybe the products will be a hit with some people who have not purchased their clothes before.

    However, I still think of most of their customers as being those who could care less about brand names and just want a quality product. Nothing fancy. Just sturdy.

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