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Lexi Stellwood in Siwy Overalls

Lexi Stellwood in Siwy Overalls

Lexi Stellwood in Siwy Overalls

Like them or not, the overalls have proven themselves to have some serious staying power, at least for awhile. It seems these retro styles that re-emerged recently—like true vintage jeans, flares and overalls—have really taken hold and filled a niche that has been taken in by the style community like a big warm hug. I’m personally not sure overalls are my thing, but I am thoroughly enjoying watching how all my favorite denim brands interpret the style ever season, and how awesome so many bloggers and celebrities look rocking this classic (and very nostalgic) one piece. Here is model Lexi Stellwood in Siwy overalls, wearing the Ziggy Overall in Absolute Beginners. It’s a nice dark clean wash with contrast stitching and denim-covered buckles (how awesome is that?!). They have a wide cropped leg opening finished off with a chic raw hem. I think they are super cute…even though they aren’t necessarily my thing, I’m digging all the cute attention to detail Siwy gave to them, and the retro styling is on point! Lexi also shows one cool way I always suggest to people who want to pull off the wide cropped leg look…pair in some tall calf-high boots!

Shop the Siwy Ziggy Overall in Absolute Beginners at Shopbop here.


  1. I almost liked them from the front, so i went to the web site. It would be hard to make them look worse from the back. I lover jumpsuits and well cut overalls. These are designed to make people look stupid. Lately it seems people buy based on concept instead of looking in the mirror. My thinking is if the model can’t pull it off, I’m done.

  2. Might be a cute dressy look for rounding up the cattle and riding the range….as long as one was not trying to lasso a cowboy.

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