cropped jeans

Lily Collins was once more spotted in a pair of Parker Smith jeans. Two things to note: one – she loves her Parker Smith’s, and two – she loves tie-front tops!

We have spotted her in the exact same outfit a little while ago, just that she wore a different brand shirt, the jeans, she stayed faithful to!!!

This time Lily wore the Fifteen Twenty Tie-Front Top, also in a very cute pattern. She completed her look with a pair of cute, embellished black strap sandals, a black belt, and carried a black, studded handbag over her shoulder.

Lily’s jeans are the Parker Smith Brynna Cropped Flare jeans in Nile, a par of cropped micro flares in a beautiful vintage-like wash. They are incredibly soft, but never “give in”, always maintaining their shape. You can purchase these jeans here.

kick flare jeans


  1. Lily Parker’s and/or Parker Smith’s PR people have been busy….but they need to spice things up a bit in my opinion.

  2. As I stated before, it is a plus that she does not reveal too much skin.

    Nevertheless’ when I look at what she has been wearing I think of the movie Groundhog Day.

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