Maria Senko in 3x1 Double Denim

It seems for awhile, every week we’d hear something about so and so celebrity spotted rocking double denim (I guess we have Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to thank for that one?). Some rock it, some definitely do not. It’s a hard look to pull off, as it is with wearing any pattern or color from head to toe. Contrast is key to avoid looking too monotone, as I always say…and yet, some people somehow look great keeping similar denim washes up top and on the bottom. Here is model Maria Senko in 3×1 double denim, wearing two beautiful pieces from the brand and looking casually chic doing so. She’s wearing the Classic Jacket in Cielo and one of the brand’s many vibrant blue jeans that easily could be used in this outfit. I’d say her trick, apart from the slight difference in wash shades, is her long tee shirt that falls below the jacket’s hem. To me, this plays up the differences in the blue washes, making them seem a little further apart, resulting in an effortlessly attractive look. I think it would look great with a black tee as well, which makes the blue colors pop!

Shop the 3×1 Classic Jacket in Cielo here, and all the rest of 3×1’s awesome jeans for women here!


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