Maureen Borsodi in the Parker Smith Girlfriend Jean

We here at Denimology have been so proud of Parker Smith. We originally fell in love with their supersoft fabrics that are made to fit curvier shapes, but now it’s been so cool to watch them evolve and grow so quickly into a vibrant and celeb-favorite product line! We’ve reviewed several pairs from this brand, which are all curve-huggingly beautiful. The brand’s Girlfriend jean is their take on the classic boyfriend style, but with a more feminine appeal. Here is The LA Look blogger Maureen Borsodi in the Parker Smith Girlfriend jean, styling it up in black heels, blouse and cardigan. Boyfriend jeans are often seen as the more casual side of denim, but we always argue that they don’t necessarily need to be! They are so fun to dress up and offer a more casual side to a night on the town. The Girlfriend comes in a great range of washes, levels of distressing, so you’ll be sure to find a pair that fits your fancy (and might just as well become your new favorite).

Shop the Parker Smith Girlfriend jeans here!

See a review of the Girlfriend jean done by one of our fabulous reviewers, Jannette, here.


  1. Vibrant background but not able to see the jeans very well. Nevertheless, it is interesting to observe her look.

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