While laser engraving is typically done on wood or acrylic, this video shows a laser system which is used to add patterns or a pre-washed look to denim. The completed fashions aren’t our style, but the tech is really cool. Plus, the music just makes it so much more dramatic.

Traditionally, the denim has to be washed by chemicals to achieve a used, or vintage look, or whiskering. But this, as we all know, creates an immense pollution.

Now more and more denim factories are adopting new technologies, such as laser, to achieve the same look, replacing the chemicals process.

The video shows a fly laser marking on denim. Whereas before, the use of laser was more for whiskering, or achieving a used, vintage-like wash, you can now do any kind of design easily. The denim bolt moves/rotates in a steady speed, calculated automatically through the laser software.


  1. Interesting process. The sound of the machine was not pleasant. Based on your article I thought I was gonna hear music. Of there was music I coukd not hear it because of the loud laser producing machinery.

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