Rachel Fox in Fidelity Cargos

The cargo pant often makes us think back to our childhood days or a summer spent at camp, so it made sense for the cargo skinny to get mixed reviews at first when it came out many years go! When the J Brand Houlihan emerged on the scene as the skinny cargo trailblazer, many other brands copied the look, but it took me a little while to warm up to it until I finally tried one myself. It’s a style that seems to come and go, but it never goes for good! Here is blogger Rachel Fox in Fidelity cargos, rocking the menswear military look complete with heeled “combat” type boots and a black high neck sleeveless top. She’s wearing the Fidelity Jaxton Cargo in Olive, which is actually a little bit of a twist on the common cargo skinny. This one features a relaxed waist and slouchy fit up top, with cropped skinny legs. It’s also made out of stretch denim, unlike most cargo skinnies, which are often made of twill. This one was “inspired by men’s detailing” for “the ultimate in comfort and denim styling. This is the answer to the anti-fit.” I think military-inspired looks are so fun to dress up, and I’d say Rachel nailed it!

Shop the Fidelity Jaxton Cargo in Olive here.


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