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Reese Witherspoon made a Pinkberry froyo run in Los Angeles, braving the heat.

She was looking summery chic in a blue-and-white striped button-down shirt and cropped 7 for All Mankind kick flares.

Reese completed her look with a cropped white Draper James blazer, an orange Gucci cross-body bag, and bright orange Manolo pumps.

Reese’s jeans are a pair of 7 for All Mankind high-waist raw hem cropped kick flare jeans in a darker, vintage-like wash, available now on sale on the 7fAM website.

After all the “asset flashing” celebs we have been seeing lately, Reese is a refreshing change, totally and completely dressed, and in a very classic ensemble, no rips, tears, nipples and butts visible LOL! You can never go wrong with a classic look like this, and adding a splash of color with the bright orange bag and the pumps, is always a great option.

You can also buy 7 for All Mankind jeans here and here.

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  1. It is fun to see how her looks are styled. I agree it is a good example of how one can look fashionable without oversharing skin.

  2. Would look better without the airbrushed faux fade. These jeans are cut perfectly for her and she’s not wearing the tight as a sausage, stuffed into them fit that most people go for. It’s hard to cut jeans well. I’m going to see if they make similar without the faux fade.

    I would like to see some blogs about length. Which lengths visually lengthen legs? And, which shorten? Does one really have to wear the hem below the ankle bone to visually lengthen the leg?

  3. Interesting that I can only seewhat I gather is the true color of the bright orange pumps in the second photograph. In the other snapshots, due to the lighting and/or shade, they come across as a more muted tone…looks kinda mustard or golden or some other hue.

  4. I consider 5’4″ to be an average height versus the height of a short female. I think gaia has posted her heigh asa being a little over 5’8″. I am cool with my height. I say I am 5’5″ but some would probably round up since I think my height was actually around 5′ 5 1/2″ and the last time a medical professional measured my height she said I am 5′ 5 3/4″. At my height if I see something I really like in a petite size I can usally make it work and I have also been able to wear clothes with a ” tall” label if I wear heels. I do not feel the need to be taller and I am glad I do not have the tinkerbell complex.

    • you can post in the Forum – there is an edit option, but don’t sweat it, we understand you perfectly well!

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