Sagjol is more than just a new brand, it’s actually an acronym and is the creation of Artist/Designer Sarah Marchand. With a unique logo and a message to “See from your Heart” SAGJOL offers unique designs with sustainable fabrics and a signature lining.

SAGJOL, the word, was originally created as a signature for art, but after Sarah created the piece entitled “See from your Heart” (seen on website) SAGJOL revealed itself as an acronym for “Sewing Acceptance Globally Justifying Our Love” and it became apparent that she had to do something more to spread this message.

With the idea to produce only sustainable clothing, SAGJOL regularly uses recycled products, and is debuting jeans and Jackets made from Recycled Ketchup bottles. These bottles are sourced and refined in North Carolina, then spun together with cotton to produce a super soft and breathable denim that doesn’t stretch out, keeping its shape wear after wear. The fabric is then shipped to Los Angeles, CA where it is cut, sewn and washed.

With the dedication to produce the perfect fitting jeans, Jackets and t-shirts using out of the box fabrics and a message in the Logo, to love and accept one another, SAGJOL is the a new brand for those who are creative, not afraid to stand out from the crowd, consciously aware and who are tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else.

We love the positive message of SAGJOL. Stay tuned, we will review some of their jeans here soon.

You can check out the SAGJOL collection on their website.




  1. I clicked on the link you provided and some of the looks are rather unique.

    I saw other offerings that appear to be mainstream.

  2. It is interesting that recycled ketchup bottles are being spun with cotton to create the fabric.

    Guess there is more than one that “Hunt’s” for the bottles. Wonder if in Heinzsight others wish they had thought of this idea sooner?!

  3. Spinning plastic with cotton renders the denim no longer recyclable. Of course denim can be re-used to death and it’s important to donate it to re-sale stores instead of giving it to people to use as insulation, since that insulation is laden with borate and compresses in walls, when the insulation is removed, it will go right to a land fill.

    Regarding the web site. I suggest some clear pictures of the product from every angle. We are buying denim, not photography. I’m not going to order these jeans just to be able to look at them.

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