mom's jeans

Sarah Hyland dropped some of her Modern Family paycheck on new clothes. She may play an angsty teen as Haley Dunphy on Modern Family, but in reality Sarah Hyland’s style is decidedly more down-to-earth.

She was spotted leaving Urban Outfitters in LA, carrying two large shopping bags stuffed with purchases.

Sarah ran her errands in a pair of baggy, high-waist, mom jeans and a Calvin Klein muscle tee. She completed the ensemble with a pair of white, wide-strap, flat sandals.

Her t-shirt is by Calvin Klein and it’s exclusively sold at Urban Outfitters, where you can buy the same tee also in navy, black, and grey.

Mom’s jeans are kind of mainstream, not really totally “in”, but also never really “verboten”! You can find some actually pretty cool ones at Nordstrom.

high waisted straigh leg jeans


  1. I think het wardrobe selections do not highlight how cute she is. Maybe she is trying to shop incognito.

  2. the comfy, unflattering jeans wouldn’t be bad with a form fitted top tucked in & a cute pair of sandals or sneakers. The top, sandals & glasses are tacky co-ed trend overload.

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