Sarah Snyder in Robin's Jean

I remember when colored jeans came out during the rapid rise of premium denim, and everyone went nuts! Colored denim is so fun, and offers a sweet, tasty break from the traditional (but still as juicy) blue jean. Coated jeans offered a more breathable alternative to the leather or pleather pant, and just a few years ago, coated metallic jeans made a rise of their own (check out a review I did here of a style done by Paige). And now, here’s model Sarah Snyder in Robin’s Jean, wearing a totally awesome silver coated jean from the brand! A pant like this doesn’t need to be dressed up much as it definitely takes the spotlight, and Sarah kept her black crop top, black boots and white jacket modest but edgy enough to play up such a unique style. Robin’s Jean actually offers several foil denim styles in various colors, in both shorts and jeans! Find gold, silver, red, purple or other colors in this eye catching finish, whatever suits your fancy!

Shop colored styles including regular and foil coating from Robin’s Jean here!


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