Tilden Brighton in Buffalo David Bitton

There are so many beautiful shades of denim that each make such memorable looks, and sometimes it’s tough to choose between them. Without even adding color, all varieties of traditional blue washes make their own uniquely colorful rainbow all on their own! Sometimes when shopping for a pair of jeans, they all look so cool together that makes it even tougher to choose just one (or two or three)! Here’s when patchwork denim comes into play…when you just want it all in one delicious basket! Here is blogger Tilden Brighton in Buffalo David Bitton jeans, wearing their Faith Skinny in Scorpion. We love patchwork jeans, and it seems a good style is few and far between. I guess, however, that the elusiveness of a quality piece of art that is the patchwork jean makes them even more special! This flattering mid rise jean makes for a perfect “standout casual style” at a lower price point than most premium denim out there. If you’re looking to switch things up a little in your closet, grab this gorgeous number before it’s gone!

Shop the Buffalo David Bitton Faith Jean in Scorpion here.


  1. The various shades of denim appear more attractive on Tilden than they do on the Buffalo website.

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