flare jeans

Vanessa Hudgens was dressed already in full fall mode! She wore a pair of high waisted flare jeans which she had cut off at the hem to fit her rather tiny size. She teamed her jeans with an orange mock-turtleneck top, and layered a beige maxi cardigan over her outfit.

Her color theme is totally fall, with the orange top, the beige cardi, and with the added yellow color splash of her super cool suede bucket bag. This beauty is from Madewell, the Lisbon O-Ring Bucket Bag in Suede, and you can buy it on the Madewell website on sale for $194.50. A real bargain for an adorable, spot on trendy bucket bag, which has the added benefit of being extremely soft and easy to carry.

You can buy flare jeans similar to the ones Vanessa is wearing at Shopbop and at Nordstrom.

high waisted jeans


  1. I think I am a fan of a number of looks that remind me of the 70s.

    I therefore have somewhat of an internal debate with myself as to why I am not feelin’ groovy about wearing flares now.

    Does anyone else have a similiar monologue going on?

  2. These jeans are very unflattering. I’m glad to see this picture because I was thinking of getting a similar pair. The fitted waist, narrowness at the hips and body hugging top do nothing to make up for the bulky saggy soft denim legs.
    I like the fluid cardi.

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