denim parkas
Parka Luca washed by Zil Cossi /Ice Dye

Here you can check out some of the newest denim washes and styles for next year’s fall and winter from Brazilian brand Vicunha. They have an incredible line, several “themes” and lots and lots of super insane denim predictions! This one is about the “Discovery of the Wild”, and stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks.

Hot Washes & Artsy Surfaces

Vicunha’s wash and treatment panorama presented by Vicunha Têxtil for fall and winter 2017,  is full of alternatives, show casting combinations and creative applications using unique and authentic methods.

The highlights are styles with reference to the past but with a modern upgrade. The collection includes handcrafted proposals with classic elements. Also very present are the  ultra technological looks.

Denim has never before been so diversified! Check out the following directions, related to surface work, laundry processes and techniques.

Discovery of the Wild

The denim collection re-invents vintage with a modern take. The well worn looks, created by the passage of time are indispensable. Rips, frayed fabrics, and patches are applied in many different shapes and forms. The vintage look needs surfaces that transmit the impressions obtained by washing and wearing the jeans. Sewing marks and 3D effects are a big must for this look. Fading and stone-washing, as well as staining (to achieve a “soiled” and used look) are made with dirty, ice foam. Burning and perforations effects, produced by laser, contribute to the destroyed effect.

Substances like ice-dye, which is achieved by adding ice to dyes, create unexpected and authentic effects.

The Eco print, that uses plants, flowers, and herbs, produces colors that are subtle and faded for a vintage-y look.

Read more about Vicunha’s denim predictions for next year here.

rip and repair jeans
Calça Bradley created by Comask / Laser + Stone + Puídos e Rebolos + Used + Micro Corrosão de Costuras + Dirty + Rasgos + Patch
tie dyed denim
Camisa Bolt washed by Zil Cossi /Tinturado + Tie Dye Colors


  1. I’m tired of pieces that scream for attention. I want my clothes to flatter me, not the other way around.

    On the other hand, I’ll tolerate a quiet acid wash on a great pair of jeans like the TIBI you posted yesterday. I wouldn’t buy more than one piece of acid wash, though.

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