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Buyers, brands, representatives, CEO’S, sourcing managers, manufacturers, merchandisers, and denim connoisseurs from the US, The UK, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, and China are going to attend this fair. It  has become a truly not-to-be-missed event in the worldwide denim agenda.

The theme of the 5th Bangladesh Expo is “Natural Denim”.

“In Nature, people find peace and love, which they also search for in fashion. Nature and fashion are closely interrelated. Being natural means being friendly, positive, and fashionable,” explains MD Mostafiz Uddin, Founder & CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo (see image below).

“Natural Denim” will be the special focus for the 5th edition of the show. Promoting a more sustainable denim production has been the core objective of the Bangladesh Denim Expo since its beginning. Now the whole industry will have the opportunity to share ideas about natural fabrication, natural manufacturing of jeans, and natural washes. Moreover, in the trend zone of the Expo, natural denim trends and fits will be on display.

You can register for the 5th Denim Expo here.

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  1. I seriously wonder if any of the topics will include grass stains.

    I do not recall seeing any washes that include grass stains. I see washes featuring mud, paint and oil.

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