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Alessandra Ambrosio in L’Agence Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Alessandra Ambrosio in L’Agence Low Rise Skinny Jeans

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Alessandra Ambrosio was photographed at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

She was dressed in a pair of skinny L’Agence jeans and a trendy spot on black Army jacket. She added some color to her all black outfit with a pink thermal t-shirt that actually has some black and white stripes on the sleeves (not visible on the images). Both, the jacket and the t-shirt are from Vintage Havana. Check out some of the Vintage Havana clothes here and here.

Alessandra completed her look with a pair of Common Projects Sneakers in black leather.

The black L’Agence jeans that Alessandra is wearing here are the Chantal Low Rise Skinny Jeans in Noir. These jeans are made of an amazing and totally new kind of stretch denim, that even yours truly, who’s not into very stretchy skinnies, got totally obsessed with. These jeans are called ‘The French Jean” by the brand, read more about this here.

You can buy L’Agence jeans in different styles and washes at Barney’s and at Nordstrom.

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    Does this fabric stretch up and down, and in all directions equally? Do you have a pair? Are they holding their shape better than lower priced stretch skinnys, like Current Elliot?

    • just one simple answer, yes. C/E doesn’t even come close.
      I have them in black and in blue and when I travel they are my lifesavers, especially on long airplane rides

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