Audrie Storme in the Parker Smith Bombshell Bell

I’m so happy to see flare jeans going strong! They seem to have caught up to the skinny jean in terms of popularity and it is oh-so-sweet. Of course, a nice flare isn’t really complete in the ’70s vintage department without a nice high rise and a super clean finish. Here is blogger Audrie Storme in the Parker Smith Bombshell Bell in Mystic Eve, which is just that. This one should turn heads with its 10.5″ rise, a beautiful faded blue hue and an ultra soft, flattering silhouette. Wear them with a bodysuit like Audrie seems to be for an extra waist-accentuating effect. Flares are awesome if you have an hourglass shape or close to one, especially if you pair them with heels to make your legs look sky high. These flares have a 34″ inseam so they are just long enough for some heels underneath if you’re of average height like me! Although I usually prefer mixing darker washes in my everyday style, these light hued jeans are great to pair with a darker top or heels for extra contrast and eye-catching pop! Sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different. However, the bubblegum hues Audrie is wearing totally bring on the ’70s vibe and would look great on anyone who is looking for such a classy vintage look!

Audrie Storme in the Parker Smith Bombshell Bell - Closeup

Shop the Parker Smith Bombshell Bell in Mystic Eve here.


  1. I wanted to leave a positive comment gaia.

    I gather there is I will scratch your back if you scratch mine thing going on with denimology and some of the brands and companies that advertise on this website.

    That is to be expected. This is not a non profit website and those employed do need to be paid.

    I hope that is the reasoning behind an overabundance of posts about Parker Smith. I do not own any of their denim and perhaps they are great.

    I would prefer to see more variety in what is shown. It is not very exciting to just see bloggers wearing the same brand over and over.

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