Caroline Einhoff in STRÖM Brand Jeans - Back View

So many skinny jeans out there…so many to choose from…where to start? I know the feeling. That’s where we step in to try to help! Most people think about fit first when it comes to their final purchasing decisions, but how many consider the quality? There are so many great brands out there that I’d suggest in a heartbeat; all of them great, but to me, there’s one brand that stands out in their own way: STRÖM Brand. This Swedish contemporary brand produces exclusively in the United States, and is “streamlined to become a piece of you.” With experience dating back to the ’90s, founder Erika Strömqvist has a mission to incorporate “functionality, modesty, equality and beauty into every piece.” It’s obvious when you take a look at their superbly modern, clean and classic storefront, and many STRÖM Brand jeans are constructed out of quality selvedge denim. Any distressing is done modestly.

If you haven’t already noticed, this brand is also a favorite among bloggers and celebrities (and growing fast)! Here is blogger Caroline Einhoff in STRÖM Brand jeans, wearing one of their amazing skinny styles. I love how her velvet bodysuit allows the waist-accentuating quality and fit of her jeans to shine through her outfit! I can promise that if you choose to shop this brand, every jean—from high to low waist—is sure to be a new favorite.

Caroline Einhoff in STRÖM Brand Jeans

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