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Colored Denim for Fall – YASSS Please! Women’s Edition

Colored Denim for Fall – YASSS Please! Women’s Edition


Citizens of Humanity Liya High Rise Classic Fit in Double Dare

Calm down, I am not going retro-bad back to the 2012/13 seasons of incredibly bad tasted flashy colored jeans LOL

I just think that with fall here now in full force, and winter not too far away, some discreetly/subtly colored jeans will add a bit of brightness to the grey and drab world out there!

Check out our special edit of colored jeans and let us know what you think:-) And, to all the guys out there, don’t feel disappointed, your special edition is coming up tomorrow!


Levi’s 712 Slim-Fit Ankle Colored Jeans


NYDJ Alina Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans


STRĂ–M Tower Khaki jeans


Parker Smith Ava Skinny in Peacock


SIWY Felicity Skinny Jeans in army green


  1. Appears the last photo should have been redone. I know you are only reposting it. The fly does not look as smooth as it should. I never know if that means the model is notr wearing the correct size or if the fit does not mesh well with her body type.

    And it also makes me wonder if there is an issue the construction of the garment. Guess the good news is they probably did not photoshop the pants so one can see how they really look. If the jeans were photoshopped then that is a problem.

  2. Thank you Glenn Michael Liburd. It is an honor to have one of my replies noted by an expert in the industry!

  3. My take on photo-shopping denim – the more real the images, the less “real” people will get disappointed when they actually try on the jeans shown in an image. Real life = yes there are “wrinkles” along the front of the jeans most of the time.

  4. Not saying I think photoshopping is a good idea. I do want to see accurate photos of how the clothing really looks and fits.

    In the photo I was mentioning, the fly is wrinkled and I know that is not the way pants are suppose to look. If I think that is an issue with the jeans then I do not want to purchase them.

    I gather most of the images showing models wearing items for sale are photoshopped in some manner today. So my point was if they had photoshopped those jeans then it was not a good photoshop.

    I was pointing out that if the fly is wrinkled real changes should have been made~find a pair of jeans that do not have that issue and if they all have that problem then the construction should be addressed.

    Perhaps the model had on the wrong size. Maybe those jeans were not ideal for her shape and another model should have been used. I also considered the option that maybe the pants had been put on without adjusting the fly properly and the fly issue was just lack of attention to detail.

    The bottom line is the bad fly should have been addressed and actually fixed not covered up.

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