Dylana Suarez in Siwy

I don’t know about you, but I always love seeing so many varieties of denim pieces emerge on the market, whether or not I could actually see myself in them. As much as I love a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans (my favorite style), it would be boring if that was all that we were marketed on a day to day basis by our favorite brands. Culottes are one of those unique pieces that I am still not so sure about, but I do enjoy watching how every brand interprets this often tough-to-style cut, and how bloggers and celebrities style them up. Whatever you think about culottes, they seem to be here to stay for awhile. Here is blogger Dylana Suarez in Siwy, wearing the Catherine in China Girl. Some of these bloggers make styling look so easy don’t they? She looks super cute in this number, which is a high rise cut with raw hems and a chic slightly faded black wash. They also feature a straight-ish fit, which probably makes them a little easier to style, slanted pockets and a trouser-like feel. They definitely have a vintage vibe to them, with slightly worn-looking edges—as I mentioned with the faded black wash, which happens to be a popular wash for the upcoming Fall season.

Shop the Siwy Catherine in China Girl here.

Shop the Catherine in Dirty Boys here, which is a medium blue distressed wash!


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