We have been looking for some cool jeans for the dudes, and came up with this new brand created by Simon Miller. Simon is clearly up on his way to become this millennium’s denim icon. He now has created a new brand, Fabric-Brand & Co and we wanted to share with you what we found.

The line between worn-in and over-distressed is a fine one, especially when it comes to denim. But for the talented people behind the scenes at Fabric-Brand, their expertise lay in knowing just when enough washing, tearing, bleaching, and whiskering is enough. That’s the reason each pair of the L.A.-based label’s jeans are mini works of art that carry around the patina (or appearance of it) of years of wear and, in our opinion, are very much worth the hefty price tag.

Created in January of 2013 out of designer Simon Miller’s decade-long desire to incorporate everything he values about denim into one product, Fabric-Brand & Co. is a thoughtful denim label featuring one classic five pocket slim fit in a variety of washes. Using exclusive Japanese selvedge denim fabric, all products are hand-produced in small communities in southern Japan, combining superior manufacturing techniques with modern finishes and fits. Every aspect of design and production is thought over with the utmost care and forethought, and the result is a collection of intelligent and versatile jeans that will fast become your go-to denim.

You can buy these exact jeans, as well as others from the collection at Mr. Porter, East Dane, and at Need & Supply.




  1. I find the name Fabric-Brand & Co. very generic. I think if people are googling the brand they may have to sort through a lot of other stuff to get to it…especially if one does not put in the – and the &.

  2. It’s cooler to just go to goodwill, find a pair of used jeans and save the extra money. Men lose points when they wear trendy jeans but the perfect fit of these jeans makes up for it.

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