distressed denim jackets

Hailey Baldwin just sported the most embellished and trashed denim jacket I have ever seen in my “denim life” LOL! See the back of the jacket below on a model.


It is the 5:31 JÉRÔME Spring 2017 Swarovski Embellished Denim Jacket, trimmed with crystals, pearls, chains, and flowers. The rodeo-ready 5:31 Jérôme jacket amps up the texture of Hailey’s dark grey sweater dress. Grounding the look are Kanye West’s latest Yeezy sneakers, the 350 V2 Beluga, adding a fresh spring in the model’s last steps of the season.

Do you love, or do you feel more like, it’s too much, too overdone, maybe might look cool on a celeb? Imagine you in a subway wearing this jacket. With these crystals and pearls, and all the frayed denim shreds hanging and dangling….only maybe with Kim Kardashian’s security guard standing close to you ?!?

This denim jacket is already sold out, and so are the Yeezy sneakers, of course! But you can buy distressed denim jackets here, and make them your own! Embellish and create, and shred and patch to your heart’s desire!

ripped denim


  1. If someone gave it to me I would love it but probably not something I would spend my ? on unless I got an outstanding deal.

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