skinny mid rise jeans

It’s amaze – wearing skinny jeans for riding a horse – well! Iggy Azalea clearly shows us that this is possible!

Black skinny jeans are just so much more form fitting and sexy than regular riding pants. So there is, after all, one good thing to say about athleisurewear jeans! I have never been too much a fan of these, as I believe in “to each its own”, therefore jeans should be jeans and yoga pants should be just that!

But I do now see at least one benefit and a totally “useful” one. Like, why would someone want to wear athleisurewear jeans for yoga and not just leggings? But for horse riding, this is a totally different chapter.

Check out some of the best skinny jeans with a good part of stretch and perfect recovery that I have personally tested and “approved” (LOL): L’Agence, 7 for All Mankind (b)air jeans, and Parker Smith.

skinny black jeans


  1. A rapper and a horse. Not something you post everyday here so I like seeing this.

    Of the brands you referenced, I think (b)air would be an excellent choice.

  2. Generally speaking how does sizing for (b)air for females compare to men’s PRPS?

    Since you are a fan of both hopefully you or someone else can give me some guidance.


  3. You can’t compare men’s and women’s sizes. Both are cut totally different, being the main difference on the waist and upper legs. My personal sizing is size 28 women’s and 32 men’s, with an upsize in mind, but never down sizing.
    The (b)air jeans tun big, so I would down-size for this particular item. Hope this helps:-)

  4. Thanks for letting me know, Lisette. I only ordered one size up in PRPS so I may be in trouble. There was only one size left when I placed the order. Fingers crossed it runs big.

  5. Generally speaking what I have found interesting in sizing is that I can wear a XL in most boys’ clothing and sometimes I go with just a large.

    However, in men’s clothing sometimes a small is too snug and the medium is often too baggy.

    In my mind, a men’s small should not be smaller than a ladies’ medium.

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