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Jennifer Lawrence arrived at the Christian Dior show in Paris, gasp, wearing hip-hugging, loose-fit boyfriend jeans rolled up to mid-calf. She paired the denim with a small choker, a simple pair of black stilettos, and a sheer black top. She also added a black leather biker jacket while she was outside, walking to the show.

And this, while Kim Kardashian West is busting out the gold grills and cut-out jumpsuits at Paris Fashion Week.

We totally love Jennifer’s understated look – especially since she has been the face of Dior’s campaigns since 2012 and has frequently worn the brand for red carpet appearances.

This is a great example of how to make a simple outfit look totally chic and classic, no tits and butt show necessary! Hello KK’s!

You can buy similar boyfriend jeans at Shopbop and at Nordstrom.

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  1. It does make a statement that she elected to wear this outfit.

    Looks like she is ready to kick butt and take names.

    Regarding others, I feel like it is not a very slimming look for those who think they are not at their ideal weight. Interested in hearing if others have a different opinion.

  2. Love the jeans. I believe she is wearing flats, which is the right choice with these easy, agile jeans. A 1-2″ block heel would also work.The size and wash look perfect, but the roll up is awkward.
    I think that for women that have figure flaws, it depends on where the flaws are. If the flaws are between the waist band and the hem, and the fabric has good drape and movement, These jeans could be ideal in a size just big enough not to hug anywhere.
    Low rise jeans have to be a bit loose at the waistband to prevent the creation of love handles. If your mid section has a nice shape but a bit of padding, this fit and outfit would be very flattering. Cuff only if the ankles and feet are extra great.
    This outfit is all about comfort, ease an movement. Wear with very comfortable shoes that encourage a spring in your step and an active, athletic, happy demeanor. Check all views before you leaved home so you can feel comfortable in your own skin from every angle and enjoy yourself.
    I also love her friend’s pants. They would also have looked great with the shell and flats.

  3. Oh, she was wearing moderate heels. I’m not a fan of the stuffy heels Love the jeans. Are they Dior?

    Tonight, after yoga, an especially muscular, lean, beautiful athletic guy with perfectly straight shins and hyper developed calves put on a pair of jeans like this, wide cuffed all the way up to just under the knee. Same fit, same wash, no rips, no patches, no whiskers. Slightly loose plain tank top. Dropped crotch. Basically the same outfit. His spectacular legs, beautiful skin, and the cuff well above mid-calf made the look absolutely great. His pants hung loose at the hip bone. He didn’t sag them. The whole look was easy, uncontrived, current and not locked into gender or straight or gay. But certainly, if he hadn’t been so beautiful and hadn’t cuffed so high, it wouldn’t have looked so cool.

  4. This is kinda a HIP look with focus on the word hip because when I look at the fit of these jeans I see hips that appear bigger than I think they actually are.

    Perhaps this is a HIPster look.

  5. I like mixing unusual things together but in this case I think the jacket and the shoes are worlds apart.

  6. According to the photos, the jacket has somewhat of a motorcycle vibe and the shoes remind me of footwear ladies wear to worship.

    • GUYS – the whole idea is exactly to mix ROCKER bad girl with DAINTY good girlie and Jennifer here got this totally right!!!

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