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Jeans and a T-shirt is a style formula as old as the garments themselves (which is to say, over a hundred years old), but every man makes it his own. And John Mayer demonstrated just how great the fail-safe combo can look.

For one, his clothes fit him well. Just slouchy enough without getting in the way. For another, his basics have a respectable level of wear. His t-shirt looks relatively new and his jeans look relatively old,  like he did the wearing-in himself.

John also put a little of effort into his accessories, which made a big difference. Instead of slipping on a pair of chunky New Balances, grabbing a nondescript rolling suitcase, and calling it a day, he reached for a few rugged add-ons—a pair of Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots, a bandana, and a military-inspired backpack.

You can buy similar jeans at East Dane, Nordstrom and at Macy’s.

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