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Julia Roberts in Long-Sleeved Denim Shortalls

Julia Roberts in Long-Sleeved Denim Shortalls

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Julia Roberts was seen enjoying a picnic lunch on Sunday in Malibu, California, while supporting her sons during a soccer game.

She looked laid-back for the casual occasion, displaying too-thin legs in denim shortalls, which did not flatter her at all. It made her body look bulky all over,  especially with the way below the waist belt. Her legs look too skinny sticking out of the overalls. Too bad, because these shortalls are really cute and would look adorable if worn by a better proportioned lady!

We all have seen Julia dressed so much better, especially, in her red carpet appearances.

These shortalls would look better if the short part was less baggy and the waist a bit higher with a regular waist band.

You can buy denim shortalls at Shopbop, Free People (this one looks identical to the one Julia is wearing, but we can’t confirm), and at Madewell.

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  1. Before I read your review I was looking at the first photo and thinking the size of the leg openings are way too big compared to the size of her legs.

  2. Wait a second. Her legs are perfect!

    The shorts are loose, like a short culotte or a wide skirt. The jumpsuit or outfit doesn’t show off her figure, but it’s a picnic. She wants to wear play clothes and that’s what she’s wearing. If it’s two pieces, I would recommend wearing the shorts a bit less low on the hips, otherwise, maybe cuff them one roll higher. I have the same issue with dramatically wide clothes, at a certain point they swallow me up.

    The top is perfect.

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