micro flare jeans

Kate Bosworth walked the streets of NYC as if they were her personal runway!

She wore a pair of M.i.h micro flare jeans paired with a shiny leather jacket from Frame. Kate dressed up the uniform of jeans/white t-shirt with a pair of heeled and pointy lace-up boots by Tod’s. And the addition of a Paco Rabanne printed scarf took the edge off a too though rocker look.

Kate’s jeans are from British brand M.i.h (Made in heaven) – yeah, they’re still around, even though we haven’t heard or seen much about them in a while….

The jeans are the Arrow Pant Cropped jean flare, a retro flare cut updated with an ankle-swinging length, and are made of a very light weight denim (which I am not a fan of, btw!). But I do like those two zippers on the front. Gives the jeans a special “extra”.

You can buy M.i.h jeans at Nordstrom and at The Outnet.

cropped jeans


  1. Love the zipper duo. She also looks like she put some thought into her wardrobe.

    Having two zippers in the front is a reminder of jeans in the 70s because that look was just as much fun back then! It may have been the decade when that fashion statement was born.

  2. She always looks great in quirky denim. I love the details and the hip bone height rise, without waist band. Went to nordstrom site and fell in love with the phoebe BF jeans. Are these also “light weight”? (BTW, I love the cuffs on the Phoebe, but the inseam is only 31.” That’s my inseam to the center of my ankle bone. I wish they would warn us when showing jeans on short models. I’m used to models being taller or at least as tall as I am.)

    Please tell us more about light weight denim. Is it the sagging you don’t like?

    • I am a denim head. I do “real” denim, the heavier the better. Light weight denim is “fashion” denim, nothing wrong with it, like chambray, but just not my cup of tea.

  3. Am happy to see a post regarding M.i.h jeans. I do not see them mentioned as much in the press now. I like this brand and I am pleased when the denim I own is still “in.”

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