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This past week, the one-time Penny Lane hosted an event celebrating Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s workout-wear brand, and its “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” initiative. Instead of a swanky cocktail dress or anything that would’ve involved spandex undergarments squeezing away at her body, Kate wore glorified pajama pants.

(On a side note, that’s a real reason to start your own business. Do it just so you can wear pajamas, and nobody can call you out because you hired them!)

In reality, the pants are a very light wash denim with pleats and extra-wide legs.

Perhaps Kate planned to strap bags of Skinny Pop to her thighs in case the event’s catering was iffy? Or, she may have been channeling the 1970s….

Either way, these pants look exactly like the worn-out, blue pajama bottoms some 90 percent of the US owns. Comfy, but voluminous.

Sartorial choices aside, though, Kate was out for a good cause. Fabletics launched a three-piece workout ensemble in pink, the proceeds from which benefit breast cancer research.

You can buy the Fabletics collection here.

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  1. Interesting choice of clothing for someone in the athletic wear industry.

    I thought Kate would wear something more fitted to show off her svelte form so others might be motivated to buy her clothes and work towards getting in shape.

  2. Those pants do not show how fit she is.

    I am a fan of pajama style dressing and this does not measure up to the looks of pajama inspired dressing on the street that I embrace.

    I will give her some points for doing her own thing.

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