high waisted denim shorts

Katie Holmes went grocery shopping in Calabasas and though she looked nice and clean-cut as always, these denim shorts weren’t doing a whole lot for her. Maybe it’s the ballet flats? Or the high waistline on the bottoms? We just can’t get behind it, the whole outfit looks a bit out of proportion.

Her shorts are a pair of high rise sans back pocket shorts featuring a side zipper instead of a button fly. I think that the lack of the back pockets and the fact the the length of the shorts’ legs is neither here nor there, makes a significant difference. Although we love high waisted shorts, we are not crazy about the style Katie is wearing here.

You can find some cool high waisted denim shorts at Revolve and at ASOS.

hi rise cut offs


  1. Hard to recall when she has really made a fashion statement. That is OK. Not everyone is out to do that.

  2. The shorts are not as short as some celebs wear but I think they could be at least a little longer.

    When I see looks like this I do wonder if much thought went into one’s wardrobe.

  3. This is one of the best outfits I have seen on Katie Holmes. She’s very fit. I love it that she’s not tan. The flats look great, especially in the light color. She looks very comfortable, like a grown up version of a child. I give this outfit an A++
    The only slight improvement I would make would be to make the shorts a bit longer. There is no need to wear shorts as short as you possibly can. She’s still in the ladylike zone, though.

  4. I am intrigued by this comment gaia, “She looks very comfortable, like a grown up version of a child.”

    Do you think that was the look she was going for?

    I find your comments interesting and like to read your viewpoints.

    When I read that sentence I also wondered what I would think if you said that about what I was wearing. I guess my reaction would be based on what I had on at the time.

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