Lee Dream Jeans Faith Skinny in Niagara Denim Review -SIDE FRONT VIEW

When I think about the nostalgia associated with the iconic Lee Jeans denim brand, I am immediately transported to my youth when I was that frizzy curly haired girl (I still am) who skipped down the hallways of my elementary school, yelling out “girlpower” with an English accent – while rocking a head full of glitter encrusted hair clips, those quintessential 90’s  “Soda” platform shoes (don’t lie, you know you owned a pair!), a crop top, and my favorite purple-hued, light washed, high-waisted Lee denim jeans. *sigh* So yea, I guess you can say  I was  ahead of the fashion curve back then and thanks to Lee Jeans, this little 6th grader was the coolest little girl in Ms. Mishikunis science class and Cher Horowitz had nothing on me!(well, at least in my own mind) So please, let me continue to tell you more about the Lee Dream Jeans Faith Skinny in Niagra Denim Review and all of its glory.

Alas those days are gone, and little did we know that a brand so popular in our youth would continue on with us in adulthood. So when it comes to brand longevity, a round of applause for Lee Jeans, because they have been able to withstand the test of time like nobody’s business; talk about durable denim!  With a “little” over a century of “life” this brand continues to evolve and though we may remember them as a staple in the 90’s, I guarantee you will continue to make them a staple in your wardrobe in this century and the next, because with their new brand direction launch, of “Move your Lee” or “Life in Motion”, things are getting pretty serious. How serious you ask?? Well lets just say it s on a “whole-nutha” level!  Think about those stretch jeans you most care about in life, and think about folding them nicely, placing them in a shinny little black plastic bag…then trashing them completely! or maybe not – better to donate or up-cycle I always say…but seriously you are not going to want to take your new Lee’s off.

Prior to receiving them, I wanted to read a little more about what Lee Jeans has been up to, and boy have they been busy. Aside from their must-see, quirky- fun and interactive campaign video (watch it here) There was one thing that really stuck out to me, Lee Jeans mentioned that their new Dream jeans were “designed to look like a skinny jean outside and feel like a yoga pant inside” and I’m sure that most of us have heard this claim before, only to experience the loss of shape, constantly having to keep pulling them up, and a really biggie for me: the inability to sit comfortably crossed legged, while maintaining blood circulation to the knees (anyone else have this problem?) Anyways, with  a campaign targeting “Life in motion” these jeans were designed flawlessly for just that! They really do feel like you’re wearing yoga pants, and they are definitely not your typical “stretchy” jeans. When I wear my stretch denim I have to go down to a size 25  from my usual 26’s; just to make up for the growth. So when Caroline from Lee Jeans complimented me with a size 0!? well…I  just batted my eyes, blushed a bit, and accepted them gracefully. When I finally got these in the mail and pulled them out of the box, I thought to myself, “there is no way these are going to make it past my thighs…” but like I said…the power stretch in these babies is astonishing! These 5 pocket, mid rise jeans were incredibly easy to slide on, and I didn’t even have to do that little dance of ours. So yes they are ridiculously comfortable, yes, you can wear them with everything and anything, and yes, they will be your new favorite dancing jeans. Period. Since Ive received them Ive worn them about three times already, and I love everything  about these jeans…but if there is one thing I absolutely love… its the pocket lining! The pocket lining is insanely soft…made out of a super soft almost tee-shirt like jersey fabric that resembles the feel of a “micro-fleece” baby blanket. Lets just say, my hands were in my pocket way more often than necessary, and there was the perfect amount of room in these pockets for my hands to rest and feel pampered (the Taurus in me just loves touching soft things!)

Lee Dream Jeans Faith Skinny in Niagra Denim Review - FULL BACK VIEW

Aside from their amazing hand and classic look, I really wanted to put them through the test of mobility and endurance. So I made sure I wore these on my most active of days! Played with my dog at the park, walked to the grocery store, jumped on my cousins trampoline, and even did a few jumping jacks, but what really made these babies pass the test was my cross legged sit! No numbness, no twisting or tension at my knees…just compete freedom! So of course these Lee Dream Jeans Faith Skinny jeans get my stamp of approval! Best part of it all is the price, and sizes available! They also have Petites! Yay!

So here is a toast to Lee Jeans, because they have managed to remain staple, not only in our closets but also in our fondest memories. Something very few denim company’s can claim. I love that this brand has grown and evolved with my style over the years, and I cant wait to keep things moving in my Lee Dream Jeans.

you can buy these crazy comfortable, amazing fitting jeans here!


      • You are right about enjoying life and things that make you happy.

        I also think it is fun to have a variety of denim to select from.

        I see in your bio that you also like athletic wear. I love athletic wear too and even though some say the athleisure trend is fading I hope it m becomes a mainstay. I have a big enough ? to love it and denim.

        • Yes! I love the Athletic wear! Ive always been athletic..so I love the fact that this trend makes it “cool” to wear your sneakers with everything…and without getting those weird looks either! haha I say you Keep rocking it MJ!

  1. Nothing against the reviewer but if this is what a Size 0 looks like I do not find these jeans slimming.

    Those above a Size 0 beware unless you are a fan of the bigger the booty the bigger the stare.

    • @BHTC thank you for your comment! These are definitely made for comfort. Whether we have curves or not we should embrace it and feel great in what we wear, as long as we find a size that compliments 😉 + I see nothing wrong with a little booty action…lol im currently working on mine!

      • Once upon a time I was naturally thin and one of the skinniest chicks around. Now I am not as small and I miss being that size but not enough at the moment to shed the extra pounds.

        And yes a booty is something that some guys seem to like but I think most do not go after the booties that are supersized.

        • @BHTPC I guess it goes to show that we are never satisfied with what we have. Take me for example..I’d love to have a supersized booty! 😉 besides skinny is out the window these days…focus on being healthy and strong, and seriously embrace that booty girl!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Gaia. I haven’t worn a size 0 since high school! But it sure feels great, vanity or not 🙂 Length was a little long on me and would have purchased petite sizing. Stretch denim is a tough sale since it depends on the body filling the jeans, there is definitely no hiding bumps or lumps in these 😉

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