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Black skinnies are one of my favorite types of clothing, I seriously cannot get enough! Black is slimming and looks great on any figure. Not only that, they go with just about everything and if I can’t decide on what to wear, they are what I reach for. Level 99 is a company out of Los Angeles, California. They have been producing denim since 2004 and embody the spirit of the modern woman. I am excited to share with you my Level 99 Liza Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Review.

The Level 99 Liza Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black are literally so comfortable, you will forget that you are wearing denim. They are 63% cotton, 33% polyester, and 4% spandex. The front rise is 9”, inseam 31”, and leg opening is 11″. These jeans are Level 99’s signature slim fit from thigh to ankle. As you all know by now, I am very short, and these were just a tad too long for me but that will not keep me from wearing them throughout the fall and winter (which is great because they are made with an eco-friendly fabric that can withstand 20+ washes without fading). The mid-rise style came up to my belly-button and was very comfortable when sitting meaning it did not give me a “muffin-top”. 😉

Level 99 Liza Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Review- Back view main

As I stated earlier, these jeans don’t feel like your typical jeans. They are more like pants, lightweight and stretchy. I wore them to a boutique event so I was walking around a lot, bending to look at items, and changing into and out of them to try on clothes. Some skinnies can feel like they are painted on you, making it difficult to bend over or take on and off but these Level 99 jeans were very easy to maneuver around in and contoured to my body. They do not overstretch as they are worn either. The jeans fit the same throughout the length of wear, from start to finish. As far as the style of the jeans is concerned, I love that they are all black, down to every detail. I typically like my denim simple, gives me more options to style them with.

These Level 99 jeans are perfect for any occasion and any body type. They can be dressed up or down and are comfortable enough to wear all day. They would look great cuffed with ankle boots or even un-cuffed with strappy sandals.

Check out the Level 99 Liza Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black here.

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Ashley Robinson
For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulty fitting into denim due to my petite size. Through my reviews on denimology.com, I hope to assist others in finding the perfect denim that will give confidence and compliment a woman's frame, even the smallest of them. Although fashion is not my full time job (I am a physical therapist), I believe clothes are a form of expression and who wouldn't want to express how awesome they feel in a great pair of denim?!


  1. Sometimes I let my long jeans kinda puddle like that.

    Would have been interesting to see a photo or two of them cuffed.

    There is a discussion in the forum about cuffing your jeans and what the current cuffing trends are.

  2. I usually think of a nine inch front rise as a high rise. Perhaps it varies by brand or does it have to be double digits to be considered a high rise?

  3. I like these pictures because the reviewer opted to wear her skinny jeans a bit eased up instead of super tight. I would hem or raw cut them without the rumple at the shoe, or slice the side seam so the jeans can go over the shoe, but it’s a relief not to look at yet another cropped skinny. Rumple at the shoe is coming back, though. It’s a matter of what is flattering on the person.

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