What I love most about these denim runway shows is that they are so impossible to imagine in “real” life! But I always like to figure out and even bet on a certain style or wash being adapted to regular, yes-we-can-wear-this, denim!

I have captured a few of the most eye-catching denim looks from London Fashion Week here, and let’s all check back next year here to see how these trends have been adapted for shopping malls and street looks LOL!

Faustine Steinmetz
printed jeans
Faustine Steinmetz
denim suits
Marques D’Almeida
oversized denim
Marques D’Almeida



frayed denim
Faith Connection
MM6 Maison Margiela



  1. Is the first look designed to be unisex?

    Just curious.

    I thought they might have just had a guy wearing that to grab attention. Which would be interesting since models are instructed not to smile with the industry’s logic they do not want the models to distract from the clothing.

    Perhaps this is a transgender person. Sheer tops are not really my thing on anyone that is not performing some kind of dance.

  2. I am often intrigued by looks by MM6 Maison Margiela. The photos of that label above is no exception.

    There is still some regret that I did not buy some denim shorts by them a number of months ago. The shorts were marked down a great deal but they were still quite expensive.

    I could not really justify spending that much money on something that looked like it came from the women’s section of a store which sells mostly ordinary clothes to the masses.

    The jean shorts also looked like if they had been in a window display the presentation would have also featured garden clogs and a hoe.

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