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Lua of Le Happy in Hudson

Lua of Le Happy in Hudson

Lua of Le Happy in Hudson

There are so many great things to say about high rise jeans. I’m happy to see they emerged again on the market, probably thanks in part to vintage favoritism and ’70s style flashbacks as of late. I realize that different jeans fit different bodies, so high rises may not work for everyone (or fit everyone’s personal tastes). I actually tried a pair of Hudson’s high rise style, the Barbara, and was pleasantly surprised. They are more like a higher mid rise than a high rise, and they fit so comfortably, which is one of the reasons so many people love the brand! Here is Lua of Le Happy in Hudson, wearing one of the Barbara High Rise jeans. The Barbara has a 10″ front rise, but I’ve heard from others who have tried the same style that it doesn’t feel as high and waist-constricting as most high rise jeans out there! It has a yummy super skinny fit down to a 10″ leg opening and features a 28″ inseam which makes them year-round worthy (keep your ankles cool in the summer or easily tuck them into boots come wintertime). There are so many beautiful washes to choose from, just like Lua’s medium blue choice here! You definitely can’t go wrong with Hudson, both in fit and form.

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  1. This is exactly what I don’t like about stretch skinny jeans. See the fold over under her butt? I don’t have that in a bikini or in no support yoga leggings. But I often get that floppy fold in stretch skinny jeans, Sometimes because the fabric doesn’t stretch up and down, sometimes because the upper thighs are too loose.

    I noticed the Jbrand hi-def stretch fabric stretches up and down and it doesn’t seem to do that flop over, but alas. JBrand doesn’t make a pair in a style I like in that fabric. If you are 5’5” or shorter, the Alana crop from JBrand is great. (I’m too tall to wear extra-cropped jeans. I’m waiting for JBrand to make their Maria in hi-def stretch because Maria is a longer version of the Alana that would be a good cropped length on me.)

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