Lucy Hernandez in BLANKNYC

I know…I am sure by now these jeans are completely recognizable. I’d say they are the most recognizable jean this year! But I’m writing about them again (sorry, not sorry). I’m a huge fan if you can’t tell. The BLANKNYC Skinny Classique in Good Vibes is the one jean that I’ve never seen sell out completely with the brand. I’ve never seen one restocked so often, for so long! It’s been such a huge hit throughout the year with bloggers and I even grabbed one myself. Obviously ripped jeans are nothing new but there’s something about the way this one was put together to give it some serious staying power. Here is Lucy’s Whims blogger Lucy Hernandez in BLANKNYC, wearing a pair of these beauties! I personally love how the holes are placed perfectly so they will not blow out when you kneel down, and the fabric has more of a classic feel and makeup with 98% cotton and only 2% elastane. The blue wash almost has a slight acid wash look to it without looking too ’80s, and I find it quite beautiful. They are nice and sturdy! Distressed jeans are usually seen as more of a summer staple, but these look like they’re not going anywhere this season, so I’d suspect they’d look beautiful under some boots or a long tunic sweater, just like Lucy is wearing them here. I don’t know about you, but I feel these are one of the most visually appealing jeans I’ve seen on bloggers this year, so I’m not tired of seeing it everywhere yet! It’s fun to see how everyone styles them. BLANKNYC was already a pretty well known brand, but I think this piece solidified their place in the denim market by leaps and bounds!

Lucy Hernandez in BLANKNYC - Closeup

Shop the BLANKNYC Skinny Classique in Good Vibes here.


    • They totally are. And I’ve worn mine so much, squatted, sat, danced, etc in them haha, and washed them once…the holes stay as they are! One thing I just noticed is that the biggest hole has a flap bent over, looks like she may have cut it off, as well as the hems!

  1. I like that she’s not wearing these skin tight. They might be even cuter a size up. I like nude shoes with rips or cropped jeans. High heels with jeans ruin the comfortable, confident, easy vibe of the sweater and theoretically the jeans.

    Who made the sweater? I like that it’s not high/low or A line.

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