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Mila Kunis showed off her baby bump in a super cute pair of denim overalls while out and about in Los Angeles.

The pregnant actress was spotted making a stop at EAT to grab an early breakfast.

So, actually this is a post dedicated to one of our devoted Denimology fans, who’s been asking for pictures of Mila – hello MJ! Hope you dig:-)

I definitely enjoyed doing this post, as Mila is a total sweetheart and she is a natural beauty. She’s almost bursting out of her denim overalls, so we’re guessing baby’s coming soon!

Denim overalls are a life-saver when you are pregnant and looking to dress edgy and cool, without ever having to step into a maternity clothes shop. I used to open up my jeans’ waistband and add some extra large elastic band with hooks, so that the jeans really accompanied my growing belly. And man, this was one of the rare times that my DIY actually worked LOL.

Denim overalls do just the same – they “keep up” with your growing belly, you just need to buy some real baggy ones to start with, and then, after baby, these will look cool also worn with a thick rope around the waist, or maybe a fancy designer belt.

You can buy denim overalls here and here.

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  1. I do dig it Lisette! I dig it so much I wanna bigger shovel.

    Mila really does look nice and I like that she paired the overalls with a dark top.

    Thanks for posting this.?

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