Nick Viall in Fidelity

It’s so easy for me to keep writing about women’s fashion since there definitely isn’t any shortage of awesome brands and styles out there, but we can’t forget the men! I also enjoy the wide range of beautiful jeans for men, and as big as the women’s denim market is, plenty of brands take the time to put their men’s collections up front and center as well. Here is The Bachelor star Nick Viall in Fidelity, looking happy while wearing the Kane Shirt and Torino in Milano Vintage jeans. It’s no surprise by now that vintage denim styles are doing quite well right now, and these awesome selvedge jeans encapsulate the appeal perfectly. The Torino is Fidelity’s slimmest fit, with a little bit of stretch for comfort. It’s made from sturdy 11oz, 100% cotton selvedge denim! The Kane Shirt is a classic western shirt made from 100% cotton. Fidelity Denim has proven and solidified their spot in the denim market for years and years now, and it an excellent choice for any style discerning men (and women) out there!

Shop the Fidelity Torino in Milano Vintage jean here, and Fidelity’s current selection for the Kane shirt here.


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