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Kam Skinny in Mysterious

Parker Smith is one more brand adhering to sustainable denim. This season they have launched their Oxygene line, which is all about using less water and less chemicals:

Parker Smith’s Eco-friendly Oxygene denim uses less water, less chemicals, and less energy compared to traditional denim. This innovative fabric has an oxygen finish which allows for the indigo to lighten much faster while using less resources to do so. With this fabric Parker Smith is able to use half of the amount of chemicals and has the ability to substantially bring the color down with alternative techniques such as ozone. Ozone treatment uses natural ozone gases to naturally bleach the denim requiring NO chemicals. By using ozone treatments, the amount of chemicals and water used for a garment is automatically cut in half. The Oxygene capsule includes 3 silhouettes for Fall’16, the Ava Skinny in Saltwater, Kam Skinny in Mysterious, and the Pin Up Straight in Venice and is now available for purchase on the Parker Smith website.

Check out these three styles for now, and stay tuned, as Parker Smith will be coming out with new styles soon.

sustainable denim
Pin Up straight in Venice
cigarette jeans
Ava skinny in Saltwater


  1. I still don’t like these jeans. High back pockets on sat on a chalkboard wash. This model was hired for her great body but I would not want to look like she does in these jeans.

    Using less water is good. Reusing the water you use would be better. If you want to make sustainable denim, you have to look at the whole lifecycle. Non-organic cotton is one of the worst things we do to the environment. Organic cotton or hemp should be the start. Once you add polyester or lycra to denim, it won’t biodegrade properly, but the fabric can be re-used repeatedly and ways to break it down and re-use it after it can’t be made into patches or purses anymore could be developed. One thing that denim should never become: insulation. Denim insulation mashes down and gaps quickly after installation and it’s made with tons of borates.

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