Planet Knox and CORDURA Denim

Sometimes I come across a pair of jeans that’s not entirely in my wheel house but catches my eye well enough by presenting an abundance of ambition and innovation. This time I’m going to be looking at the Planet Knox Richmond Jean with CORDURA® Denim.

First, to make it clear, CORDURA® Denim is a leading manufacturer and supplier of denim fabric to many workwear type brands like Timberland, Carhartt and Dickies. CORDURA® Denim has received multiple awards and constantly seems to strive to carve out niche markets and fabric offering. Planet Knox is brand that offers a perfect example of shared goals. Planet Knox focuses on providing riding gear – motorcycle not horse – that focuses on full protection for serious riders or just the casual joyrider.

Disclaimer, I don’t fall into either of the above categories. I don’t own a bicycle let alone a motorcycle. With that in mind, I can safely say that I am not the target audience for the Planet Knox Riding Jean with CORDURA® Denim. However, I can fully appreciate the innovative details and minds that went into making the jeans unique and seemingly something that I haven’t seen in the market before.

The hidden pockets for the various knee and hips pads are indeed hidden. The zippers blend fairly seamlessly into the inner seams of the jeans and aren’t visible unless you really are looking for the tiny black zipper pull. In addition, when the knee pads are actually in place, they don’t add any noticeable amount of bulk around the legs. Keeping on the theme of safety, CORDURA® Denim used a special blend of INVISTA nylon fabric and cotton to create an extra strong Rip-Stop fabric that can hold up against abrasions better than traditional cotton. I have thankfully not put these to the test yet but you would be able to tell any difference from traditional cotton by the feel. These are really great features for these jeans and I would imagine a huge bonus to anyone riding a bike and concerned about safety.

Although there are some great parts, I found myself disappointed with the overall fit. I went with a 32″ waist yet the fit was a bit tight and awkwardly high. The fit around the hips was tighter than I expected, especially when the legs seemed to be a straight fit…and a roomy straight fit. Again, just highlighting the fact that these jeans were not made with me in mind. My last gripe with these jeans is that the length was far too long with no ability to choose a different length. So the extra length made these jeans appear wider than they may have actually been.

Where the Planet Knox Richmond Jean with CORDURA® Denim falls short in fit, it seems to make up for in uniqueness and safety. If you are interested in exploring the jeans a bit further, check them out here.

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Planet Knox and CORDURA Denim


  1. I like those hidden pockets.

    I am wondering if the jeans were just worn for fun could you stash some cash in there and other things like a key or two?

    • I think you could definitely slide in some cash or key (without a key ring of course since it’s at the knee) but not sure how practical it would be. I understand from the side of wanting to keep it hidden but you would end up fishing around you knee for a couple bucks. Good thought though.

  2. I agree with you Dustin. I think the fact that the inseam is too long for you takes away from the look of the jeans.

    I am not a huge fan of cuffed jeans and it sounds like you would enjoy them more if they have been your ideal length.

    • Thanks for the comments MJ. Having a shorter hem would have helped a bit with the appearance but not with the fit around the waist and hips. Cuffed jeans are perfectly fine, I have a number of pairs this way, but it has to be the right fit to pull it off.

      • It is great that you are responding to the comments. I often wonder why other reviewers do not participate.

        These jeans look like a good option to wear with the knee pads if one wants to get down on the ground and crawl around with kids and pets.

        • MJ, that was actually one of the first thoughts I had when I saw the pads. If I was doing some yard work or anything around new flooring/tiles…the pads were surely come in handy. However the uneven fit around the waist, hips and crotch may not make these the ideal work-wear jeans.

          Great to see how involved you are on the site and appreciate all the great feedback.

  3. Thanks.

    Yeah….maybe we now understand why some people that do work like that have workmen’s smiles….they wear baggy pants so they can move around more freely.

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