stained denim jackets men

Vintage and a kinda old and used look is the today’s fashion must be and must have!

PRPS gives you guys both with this superb denim jacket – spots, stains, mud, and the blue wash is a dark vintage-like hue. All trends in just one jacket and you don’t even have to work to make it look like this – it’s all ready made: worn in denim looks are just the coolest!

I would even suggest this jacket for the ladies who like to do oversized denim. Perfect for a real borrowed-from-the-boys look!

Hang your dirty Laundry with with the mud splatter denim jacket, featuring a special treatment made to look like freshly caked on mud, adorning the back, front and shoulders. An elemental feeling elevates the traditional denim jacket to new exploratory levels.

You can buy this PRPS Goods & Co. denim jacket here.


  1. One of my friends is staining her fence and I offered to help. Was told the stain would not come off my clothes.

    Know what I thought? My clothes would then have a PRPS vibe. I still did not want to get my clothes dirty even though I really like the PRPS washes….not to mention the videos.

  2. I agree that it would also look good on ladies. Think it would have to be a rather large size to look oversized because some guys’ clothes seem tailored for super small guys.

    I am thinking that some of the smaller guys, as well as certain nations where a large portion of the population seem to be smaller in statue, may really be into cutting edge fashion. Perhaps even more than some average or above average size USA guys.

    I am seeing in men’s fashion that sometimes they have xxs and xs and I am wondering if the guys are that tiny or if it is for the young guys that want to dress fashionable.

    Guess it could be that smaller females are also into buying those products but still they are veing marketed with a male model’s photographs.

  3. The mud look of this jacket reminds me of jeans Gwen wore several months ago.

    I think she would like this jacket.

  4. I am looking at the Prps ads on and even the way the backside seat area of the jeans are shown in a photograph really stands out.

    The way they showcase their products is top~ notch!

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