PRPS Japan is a “sister line” of the PRPS company. It is a collection for true denim aficionados, comprised mostly of denim with special “thrills”. Like these dark wash bad boys shown here.

What makes them so special and stand out is that the fading and the creases look totally natural, as opposed to other darker wash jeans, where the whiskering looks like exactly what it is: artificial mass production laser process.

Actually, as most of you who regularly read my posts know, one of the reasons I am such a big fan of the brand is exactly because I have seen with my own eyes how Donwan Harrell, founder and creator of PRPS, “dedicates” himself totally to each and every single “crease” in a pair of jeans. I am not kidding you, and neither am I exaggerating. There isn’t a detail small enough escaping Donwan’s sight. And in this time of mass production and churning out cheapie denim, I totally appreciate and value a personal and individual touch from a brand’s owner.

Now back to the jeans:

Lights out in the Prps Spam Jeans. These jeans feature a dark wash with a heavy 3D crinkle effect, giving jeans a naturally worn in look and feel. Taking ordinary denim to new and daring places with this five pocket style. Barracuda fit is low rise with a straight leg.

You can buy the PRPS Barracuda Spam jeans here.


  1. I really want some PRPS in my wardrobe because of your rave reviews.

    I have also seen that they have some attractive sweatpants and other pants that are kinda a combo of jeans and sweats.

    Would it be within the boundaries of Denimology to post about that kind of attire too?

    I am waiting for my first pair of their jeans to arrive to see what size will work for me and you kindly provided guidance on that.

  2. Is this the same guy and dog that were featured in one of their videos?

    I do wish PRPS and other brands had a size chart that converted ladies sizes into guy sizes… maybe even like those that convert Celsius temps to Fahrenheit.

    I also ponder what sizes to get when the options are small…medium…large because as we all know brand sizing varies and sizing also varies according to style.

    • Wow, Donwan really is the Don Juan of denim.

      I did not know about his connection to VCU. I think it is great that as an accomplished graduate he still is involved with his alma mater.

      I have been schooled on denim after reading about his insights and experiences in the fashion ? and denim universe.

  3. I did note that a number of the Prps inseams are 34″.

    What do you normally do if they are too long for you?

    Cut and make raw hem? Cut and have them professionally rehemmed? Cuff?

  4. I used to re-hem the cuffs, but since raw and frayed hem are more “continuous” with a PRPS look, I started cutting them off a couple of years ago – and BINGO – it just too fashionable now, I am almost tempted to have them re-done and hemmed again LOL!

    • Thanks for your reply, Lisette.

      I was looking at the photo above once again and noted the model has his Prps jeans cuffed.

      Is that a trending look with Prps now?

      I really get into seeing how they present their products…so perhaps I need to work on liking cuffing more.

      I think it would be splendid if you interviewed Donwan on camera and posted the interview on Denimology. It would be fun to learn more about the backstories behind some of his creations.

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