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Trust Rihanna to come up with a different idea all the time of how to style her denim.

Seeing as how she wore her denim skirt over a long striped button down shirt with the shirt peeking from beneath the bottom of her skirt – I am thinking…WOW, how come I had never thought about this before?!?

So simple and so easy to do, and it gives such a different twist to the whole ensemble! I am seeing myself in winter using this “trick” with one of those long sweater dresses that are so right now! Definitely an eye-catcher.

Rihanna paired her outfit with blue velvet boots from Balenciaga, the Navy Velvet Sock Boots. Another take on her Rihanna x Puma sock sneakers! Btw, this is the first time I have seen sock boots – do you think this style will actually become a hit?

Rihanna’s denim skirt and the button down shirt are both from Vetements, Hollywood’s in-crowd’s latest designer fad. Both items will set you back some big bucks, but we have found a similar and very less pricey denim skirt here, and a long button down here.

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  1. I am a fan of the long shirt hanging out below the denim skirt too.

    Not sure how I feel about the boots. Would probably need to see and try them on in person.

  2. In the past I have wore skirts over dresses with the dress longer than the skirt.

    I may do this too.

    I may not always get the proper fit on denim skirts though because I am sometimes pulling them down because they appear to rise up from the waist. If I do this look I wonder if the shirt will rise up with the skirt.

  3. I like this look, but it’s not new. I remember seeing it in magazines several years ago, but with a better hemline. And, not with a denim skirt. Doesn’t look bad on her but it would look better if both pieces were longer and she sized up and pulled the skirt down a bit.

  4. BTW, is everyone seeing the same STROM ad that I am on this page? with the black coat and pants/profile? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

    • I did note it when I was reading other articles.

      Did you see I asked you a question gaia about what you posted on the Katie Holmes article yesterday?

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