Robin in a PRPS Paint Splattered Tee

If you are a dude who likes crazy, edgy and fun, and you hate blending in with the crowds, PRPS is made for you. The brand has tremendous cred…All I really gotta say is that founder Donwan Harrell was the first to bring Japanese denim to the United States, and we all know how big of a denim-crazed following that has! Of course PRPS carries plenty of nice and clean selvedge, raw styles for you to break in and truly call your own, but the wide range of distressed, patched up, painted, torn up, stained, colored, or beautifully washed jeans the brand carries is a sight to behold. It would be a travesty for this sort of creativity to only be limited to jeans, however. Here is beard model Robin in a PRPS paint splattered tee to demonstrate just what I am talking about. This paint splattered number with a cherub printed in the front and I just love the burnt edge details it features. It’s obvious Donwan’s superb eye for detail does not stop with denim!

Shop the PRPS Paint-Splattered Graphic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt here!


  1. That would be a really sweet tee to wear for Valentine’s Day or as I call February, Valentine’s Month.

    Would also be a great gift to give or receive from the one that hit you with a love dart.

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