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SOORTY Launches Denim Active Line

SOORTY Launches Denim Active Line


Denim Active, Soorty’s newest collection, blurs the borders between casual wear and sportswear for once and for all. In a world where healthy lifestyles need to be combined with busy schedules, daily outfits need that same cross-over. No limitations should hold you back from participating in your favorite daily activities, especially not your clothing.

The Denim Active collection allows you to achieve your goals of the day. Through the new fabric-developments freedom of movement now go hand in hand with the luxurious denim feel, as well as the denim look. Although denim is not necessarily known as the lightest fabric in the world, the Active Denim materials used by Soorty are light as feathers. No heavy denim-feel but a second skin experience is created instead.

Innovative materials, like COOLMAX ECO-MADE®, not only ensure the moisture management, but are also sustainable, made with 97% recycled resources. The moisture management allows the user to stay cool whilst wearing the product.

The Denim Active collection consists of second skin silhouettes made out of light weight bi-stretch fabrics. 4-way stretch ability and weight guarantee unrestricted movement and comfort. The general idea behind the collection is to merge your active and non-active outfit into one. By integrating the elements mentioned before into your wardrobe, a whole new spectrum of possibilities will make your life a lot easier.

In other words, you can go to work in practically the same clothes that you can wear for for physical activities before or after. And if you are working in a more formal environment, black denim and black tops paired with stilettos and a blazer should always do the trick!


  1. Sounds GREAT! The web site and also googled info goes out if it’s way to avoid showing the end product. (The models look really cheap & slutty for such an “enlightened” brand, BTW). Where can Soorty be seen and purchased?

  2. As we have explained in our Soorty Product Reviews, and also many times in my own posts, SOORTY does not sell the ready made jeans, only the denim. They had some special jeans made for us just to review them so people get an idea about the denim itself.

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