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Tara Reid Displays a VERY Slim Frame in Low Rise Jeans

Tara Reid Displays a VERY Slim Frame in Low Rise Jeans

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Tara Reid is a very good example how you can take being skinny to a next (unhealthy looking) level.

She showed off her almost skeletal frame in a pair of super low rise skinny jeans exposing her belly ribs in a cropped black embellished t-shirt.

Tara completed her look with a black leather jacket and a pair of mustard colored Louboutin platform booties. She carried a black Balenciaga bag in her hand, and to help keeping her jeans up, she added a black Gucci belt.

All those designer dabs certainly did not do much to improve Tara’s look, and we really feel bad to see to what extreme measures some starlets resource to.

But we do love Tara’s jeans, a pair of skinnies with a rip on one leg and a big, gaping hole on the other.

You can buy similar ripped skinny jeans at Shopbop and at Neiman Marcus.

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  1. I really hope those real lose rise jeans do not make a big comeback.

    Hopefully one day Tara will find a better path. She looks happy so I hope it will happen.

  2. She has very tiny bones. All I see here is a flash of skinny tummy, which could be from low body fat and/or from plastic surgery, which, for better or not, Reid is famous for.
    Her hair style would make anyone in their 30’s look frail. She would do better with a look like Reese Weatherspoon’s recent hair, which is also blonde and layered, or a look like Cara Delevingne’s new super blonde blunter, shorter cut.

    In defense of fit, healthy women, I feel compelled to point out that there is nothing at all unhealthy about a lean tummy. Very functionally fit people usually don’t carry extra weight. Even well-proportioned, healthy non-athletes, think Nicole Kidman in 1999, tend to be lean.

    Regarding Reid’s low rise jeans, they go with the sexpot/rock n roll look she’s going for. At least she didn’t combine the look with cleavage and she’s not wearing them skin tight. The bit of ease is appealing and modern. She’s wearing a belt, so we can assume she won’t flash anyone when she sits. I think the jeans and boots are the best part of her outfit.

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