Tommy Bahama Tema Flare Jeans

I grew up in Southwest Florida where the Tommy Bahama loyalists live and thrive. There, the swordfish logo trumps the little polo man any day of the week. With that being said, when I was asked to review the Tommy Bahama Tema Flare Jeans I was a bit confused. Firstly I thought, “Tommy Bahama makes jeans?” and secondly, “Will they have pineapples on them?”.

If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t rush to the store looking to fill my wardrobe with a pair of flair denim. I blame this narrow-minded thinking on the dominance of the “skinny jean”. Back in the day (I’m only 34, but stay with me), I used to LOVE me a dramatic flair jean. You know the kind – where you could only see the very tip of your shoes and after a few wears they would be tattered and torn at the bottom, only making them that much cooler. As you all know, fashion repeats itself and you’re starting too see more and more flare-styled denim replacing the skinnys. Kudos to the fine people at Tommy Bahama for noticing this shift in trends and offering an affordable, stylish and OH SO comfortable alternative to the masses.

The Tommy Bahama Tema Flare Jeans are 93% cotton, 6% polyester and 1% Lycra. Normally I don’t mention the composition of denim in my reviews because they never mean anything to me, BUT, the key component here is that these jeans have 1% Lycra which give them the most incredible stretch. They make your butt look great, your thighs slim, and your big feet (if you have huge feet like me you’ll understand) appear teeny tiny. The front pockets are an awesome feature so you don’t get those funny looking “rabbit ears” when you sit down. The flare isn’t so extreme that you feel like you need to start listening to the BeeGees, but enough that they fall perfectly over a pair of converse or rest beautifully on a pair of heels. For the photos posted here I wore an ankle boot with a small heel so they didn’t drag on the ground, but for all the other times I wore them, I cuffed the bottom and wore converse. Because there is a seam at the bottom, the will stay cuffed and not look stupid.

The price point on these jeans is phenomenal. They are a mid-range price with a high-end feel and beautifully constructed. I have a feeling my fall weekends will consist of these jeans, my favorite college sweatshirt and my converse (with a perfectly contoured face, eyebrows on fleek and a top knot – of course).

Tommy Bahama Tema Flare Jeans


  1. The fading at the bottom of the jeans looks kinda like they are cuffed to me. That is what I thought until I zoomed in. Like thr way the hemline area looks.

    I knew from your review that you did cuff them later on.

  2. I wish they were slimmer at the knee – they would have been absolutely perfect then!

  3. Elena – my thoughts exactly. If they were just a bit slimmer at the knee I would be able to wear them to work! However, they’re quickly becoming my “weekend” jeans!

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