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Trending – Faux Leather Pants are so Right Now!

Trending – Faux Leather Pants are so Right Now!


When I saw these cool bad boys on bad girl-Justin-Bieber-ex-squeeze, Sofia Richie, it was instant boom! Faux Leather, or vegan leather are so much fun, not really an investment, and good for any kind of up- or down dressing.

As opposed to real leather pants that usually require quite a lot if time and $$$$ investment! Time, because you’re not going to spend big bucks on any just leather jean, you will need to research try on a lot of them and then also wear them A LOT, after all, you’ve just ruined your budged for the next 3 months at least! Don’t take us wrong, we always do stress out that it is worth investing in one piece of garment that you will love and wear for many seasons and that is versatile enough to wear from day to night.

But sometimes, we also like to leave the seriousness at the office, or locked in the bedroom closet, and just have some no drama and no big-deal-if-it-doesn’t-work-out good time with our less expensive, but no less fashionable “toys”!

Faux leather is also great for us who are against animal cruelty, so one more point here!

Check out some “faux babies” and let us know if one of them caught your special attention!


ASOS Leather Look Joggers with Tie


BLANKNYC Spray on Skinny in Vegan Leather


Mango Faux Leather Pants


MOSCHINO Skinny faux-leather trousers


AGOLDE Roxanne Super Hi Rise Skinny in black Leatherette


Topshop Faux Leather Joggers


  1. Good leather pieces do not have to be expensive based on my experience. Yes, some brands and stores jack up the prices just like they do on other non~leather items.

    I love animals but since I wear leather footwear I have worn leather clothing too.

    I think faux leather is looking nicer than it has in the past. Still interesting to me that sometimes the faux leather is just referred to as leather when in my mind it is not true leather.

    Part of me wants to embrace faux leather more. But I still kinda have the mindset at times when I see someone in faux it is because they could not afford nice leather or the person did not know where to shop for reasonably priced leather.

    For those that do not feel good about wearing real suede and leather it is nice they hold to their convictions.

  2. Leather grosses me out. For fine leather free bags, I shop Matt & Nat. For fine shoes, Novacas from Moos Shoes. About twice a year I find an adorable and great looking leather free treasure boot or shoe at Zara for next to nothing. L-8 faux suede booties from Archopedico get me compliments whenever I wear them and I have put them in the machine to wash them about 50 times. (Now they are a washed black.)

    I like the top shop joggers. I got a similar pair about 5 years ago at UO and I still wear them.

    Shiny pants attract a lot of attention to the lower half and to the person wearing them in general. I like to wear my faux leather joggers with simple pieces, often black or gray on black. I try not to look like an old punker, but I know lots of people who started with the X on their hands (straight edge reference), never changed styles and look great.

  3. If the meat is food then I think the hide should not go to waste.

    I do own some faux leather too.

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