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Try a New Denim Style – Replay Drop Crotch Slim Fit Jeans

Try a New Denim Style – Replay Drop Crotch Slim Fit Jeans


Ummm, I know, you all love your skinnies, and so do I – kind of. Fact is that we are just not ready to drop them, but, on the other hand – at least I feel this way – I am so tired of wearing the same skinnies in different washes, different lengths, high- or low-waisted….

So, being that I am traveling in Europe right now, and, of course, checking out the European denim brands, I saw these Replay bad boys in a store and, “YAY, the answer to my skinny jeans dilemma”! Still skinny, but with a slouchier boy fit, the Replay drop crotch are actually not really a drop crotch – calm down, guys LOL! I know how you feel about those!!

They are really a slim boyfriend, or boy fit style, totally sexy and no dropping butt, I promise!

Replay jeans are currently not sold in the USA, but you can buy them online at the Replay website, as well as at ASOS and at Yoox.

As for sizing, my past experience with Replay has shown me that their jeans run true to size. I will be visiting their store in Munich, Germany next week and update you on the sizing in our Denimology Forum, so check back there for more info.





  1. I love the side view. I wish it came with no distressing at all. I hope it comes long enough to unroll down to the ankle.

    I also like their denim joggers. The price and distressing keep me from buying, but I may change my mind on ciber monday.

    I’m so tired of seeing everyone and their grand mother styled in exactly the same way with the same cuff or crops.

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