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We love the new denim trends projected by Vicunha for the spring and summer 2018 seasons. Form fitting and color blocking is what called out to us mostly. But for Vicunha it’s not only about the styles, but also about the feel and fit of the denim. Know more about the trends:


With newly woven textures and visual effects, the Brazilian trend factory for denim is pushing its shirting range for the new spring/summer 2018 season, responding to the market’s demand for looser fit silhouettes with more drape. Light weight fabrics are perfect for oversized shapes in shirts, dresses, and other loose fitting styles.

The current trend of retro-modern patterns is reinterpreted in fabrics with patchwork effects in multi tones. Texture is achieved with fresh small dobbins and herringbone, which, when coated, emphasize and enhance the structure. As a contrast, VICUNHA also incorporate a lightweight, papery finish, shirting which provides an excellent base for prints.


In the premium denim range the focus is on dual-core technology, high-performance denim with perfect recovery. These are in fresh summer blues, perfect for the warmer season because of the soft and luxurious feel.  Competitively priced, these fabrics will satisfy even the most discerning customers.


The extended range of wide-width fabrics available in a number of vintage look denims offers cost-efficient and versatile options for suppliers. Wide-width fabrics providing higher yield per meter, allows the manufacturer to reduce the amount of fabric per garment and therefore offers more competitive prices to the buyer.


Sustainability is one of the most important pillars at VICUNHA and has been the focus of all the Brazilian denim producer’s activities for more than ten years now. VICUNHA denims are distinguished by 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. The recycling process is so efficient that there is no waste at the end of the production phase. VICUNHA is the largest individual consumer of BCI cotton in the world.

The fabric range also includes styles made by using three recycled PET bottles per meter, resulting in a reduction of 80% of water used in their production.

Launched this season, the ECO RECYCLE range of fabrics incorporates waste yarn which is recycled back into the spinning process to create new yarn. Available in stretch and rigid variations, it is surely the highlight of the new season.

The number of Eco styles is constantly increasing and VICUNHA working on further developing new technologies, using every piece of BCI cotton, as well as extensive recycling. That means including new dyeing and finishing procedures. This is Eco power at its best!


The strong interest and high investments in the latest state-of-the-art technologies and newly developed machinery have paid off. With the new Dryarn technology, Vicunha is offering a high-performance denim with temperature-control effect. This can be useful for high-performance sports, as well as for wearing in all weather conditions. A really lightweight fabric that is not only comfortable to wear, but is also further blurring the boundaries between casual and sportswear.

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  1. This is a real look into the future.

    Based on the photos it looks like denim clothes with multiple shades are going to still be a player in the marketplace.

  2. Post industrial recycling is standard in every industry because it is economical. Cotton that is not grown organically is one of the most environmentally damaging crops on earth.

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