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Designed and developed in downtown Los Angeles, AGOLDE introduces the Fall 2016 collection, which embodies the irreverent attitude of LA’s rebellious lifestyle.

AGOLDE Women’s was influenced by an anti-fashion mindset, resulting in androgynous styles freed from feminine and masculine stereotypes. The AGOLDE muse dares to be different with her care-free street style and 90’s teen spirit. This Fall, she walks to the beat of her own drum, sporting oversized jackets and vintage boyish fits.Gender lines are aesthetically blurred as seen in the boxier silhouettes and shrunken lengths. During the day she rocks the Jamie, a classic vintage inspired fit jean, paired with a loose slightly distressed vintage inspired t-shirt. By night, she layers all her favorite pieces pairing the Jeanette Coated Mini Skirt with the Alex Super Long Sleeve Sweatshirt, as she is not afraid to break the rules.

AGOLDE Men’s was developed for those who value comfort above all else. Modernizing authentic denim, the collection was designed using an exclusive fabric that allows all-way stretch to adapt to the situation at hand. AGOLDE Men’s sees the introduction of a re-energized and tight portfolio of four fits including a super skinny named Splinter, a skinny fit called Blade, a new sharp straight leg named Union, and a modern tapered slim called Hero. From a finish perspective the collection focuses on a mix of clean and distressed – hard edged black, cut with a palette of white, barely-there blues and destructed indigos. It’s all about the highs and lows and a graphic palette to add modernity to the vintage inspired pieces. Comfort black raw and soft white bull denim are also key concepts throughout the men’s collection.

Introduced for Fall, AGOLDE implements the “Feel Good” offerings which are styles produced through environmentally sustainable practices. An innovative ozone technology uses less energy and eliminates the need for toxic production processes such as bleaching, resulting in minimal chemical treatment. Oxygen finishing, which uses less water, and laser technologies, that give abrasion, create comfortable denim pieces that are modern with a perfectly worn-in Fall look.

AGOLDE Men’s was developed with movement and comfort top of mind. Modernizing authentic denim, the collection was designed using an exclusive fabric that allows all-way stretch to adapt to the situation at hand. Beloved by surfers, skaters, movers and shakers, AGOLDE Men’s offers a range of washes from a pitch black, to a crisp blue, to distressed finishes including a ripped up grey.

The best thing about AGOLDE jeans is not only that they are cool and fit extremely well, but that they have a more reasonable price point than most other premium denim brands. Their average price for a pair of jeans is under $160.

You can buy the women’s AGOLDE jeans from this collection at Shopbop, and the men’s at East Dane.

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The second portion of the AGOLDE collection is inspired by a glam rock revival. This collection is all about night-to-day looks, clashing tough and sexy with soft and pretty. 80’s dark glamour meets 70’s grunge in high-waisted skinnies and leatherettes. Casual denim pieces are romanticized with soft fabrics, while faded blacks and distressed vests are reminiscent of this important rock era.





  1. These pictures don’t show the products. When companies are selling things they don’t show, I feel like they are untrustworthy and I don’t look into it.
    Comment on the mid-split skirt. I see these all over the place and they never look good. The spot light is on the inner knee and inner thigh. Most people should not put the spotlight there.
    Nothing original shown in these product hiding pix. If someone liked the pix they could shop anywhere for similar. Very weak marketing.

  2. People in unflattering poses….some looking stoned….is not a flattering way to push your clothing.

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